• Popular Nice Fish, Ladies and Sailfish

    Nice Fish, Ladies and Sailfish

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    Mexico , Ladies and sailfish

  • 02:22 Popular Swimming with a Sailfish

    Swimming with a Sailfish

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    What an amazing day on the water with some new friends of Mar1 Sport Fishing. The day went great with 6 Sailfish releases and this Video being shot. To say this video was the highlight of the day would be a huge understatement.''''Fishing of the coast of

  • 01:07 Popular Sailfish almost jumps into boat

    Sailfish almost jumps into boat

    by Mar1 SportFishing Added 658 Views / 0 Likes This is one of those times that you usually say to your self Man would I like to see that again, wish we had the Camera on... Well in this case we had 2 Gopros as well as still pictures from the bridge, what an amazing jump