1. How do I become a Pro user?

The Pro TV section of is reserved for those who have taken the production of their videos to another level. Once you have attained Pro status, you will have the opportunity to generate ad revenue from your content. As a Pro TV user you will also have 50 GB of video storage included in your account.  If you feel your video productions are of "TV" standards, please contact us and request inclusion in our Pro category.

2. What advantages are there to having my own Channel?

Having your own Channel allows you to build your own brand by taking advantage of customizing through the use of logos or banners to promote your enterprise. You can customize your background and fill your Channel with content to promote your business or service in a way that no other traditional media can. Tell the story behind your business, introduce new products or services, ask for feedback from your customers, and build your brand by talking directly to people interested in the fishing and outdoor adventure. Along with the features listed above your Channel comes with 50 GB of video storage included.
Click here to create your Channel.

3. Is there a restriction on the length of videos?

While there is no restriction on how many minutes a video can be, it is important to note that the amount of data storage is limited in each of our user categories. You may purchase more data storage by clicking here.

4. Should I compress my videos before uploading?

No. The video compression software on our server will take care of this for you.

5. How do I edit my videos?

We recommend Final Cut Pro and iMovie on Mac OS X or Microsoft's Movie Maker for your basic editing needs.

6. Can I add music to my videos?

Yes, but if you are using music that is copyright protected, you will need to be able to prove you have attained permission to use this music. There is music available that is not copyright protected that you can add to your videos. We recommend iStockAudio as a source for this music.

7. Can I upload videos from my mobile device?

While you certainly can upload from your mobile device, you should be aware that this can take some time and use up a large amount of the data transmission you may have with your service provider. This can get very expensive, so proceed with caution unless you are transmitting through a WiFi connection.

8. Can I increase the amount of data storage for my account?

 Your free YouFish account comes with 1 GB of video storage. Additional disk space can be purchased in the following quantities:

- 1 GB: $5.99 per month or $50 per year (save 20%)
- 5 GB: $19.99 per month or $200 per year (save 20%)
- 10 GB: $29.99 per month or $300 per year (save 20%)
- 50 GB: $79.99 per month or $750 per year (save 22%)

Contact us for more information at 1-877-721-1173